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What is posted on this site?
- Detail instructions on how to enter and win those giveaways.
- We post only games which everybody can get by following instructions
- We are avoiding games that use suspicious or bad giveaway system
- No games that require referrals, surveys or weird downloads...
- No Greenlight games (usually they require you to vote for a shitty game just to get it on steam)
- NO BULLSHIT :) we are checking everything to see if its legit

How does this work?
- Big companies like game stores, developers, magazines and others need customers. (people who will use their products or services)
- They make big giveaways to get a lot of people to see some page, test their game, subscribe to their email list, follow them on twitter, like their facebook page... and in return they will give out games.
- They may lose some money giving games, but in return some people will use their products or services

What companies are giving the games
- Companies that give games often are IndieGala (game store), Fanatical (game store), dlh.net (game magazine), Grab The Games (publisher)...

Where do you find the giveaways?
- Most of them in steam groups, forums, facebook, twitter, reddit...
- People from our steam group find them and tell me about them.
- Even the giveaway makers tell me about giveaways and i post them.

When do you post giveaways?
- As soon as i find them, for some giveaways even that is late, some giveaways expire really fast, while im writing the instructions to the giveaway the giveaway has already finished. (it happens a lot)

"Games are bad, why should I even bother taking them?"
- Some of the games are not great, but each gives you +1 on steam, which gives you XP for your steam level
- Some drop cards, some will add cards in the future, and you can use those cards to level up on steam, trade them to get something else or sell them for steam wallet.
- Some people just like to grab a game and give it away.
- From time to time a good game pops up. (Payday The Heist, Metro 2033, Left 4 Dead, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Street Fighter IV, XCOM EU, Tropico 4... were all free at some point in time)

"Your site is a scam! (nope, it isnt)
- "I tried to take a game and its not working!" Most games are free for a short time, or limited by a number of keys, for example as a promotion for something, and most giveaways expire fast, so as soon as you see a notification you need to be quick to grab the game.
- Sometimes i dont see that the giveaway has expired and i forget to remove it from the website, if you see that some giveaway has expired, leave a comment or click report, to report it.
- "The link from the giveaway is not working" Sometimes because there are a lot of people trying to get the game, they kill the giveaway website, (Slashdot effect, hug of death)
- "You are asking me to login with steam/fb/email/twitter, you are stealing my password"... (nope, some of the giveaways ask you for a social login (google it) its a fast and easy way to simplify logging in to somewhere)...
- This website uses steam open id social login (it just grabs your public information from your steam profile and uses that to identify you ont he website)
- "Why does the giveaway want access to my twitter?" they want to make sure that you did the task you had, for example followed someone or retweeted something.

"GrabFreeGames Name?"
- A lot of people are confusing our name with GrabTheGames, we are not related, their website existed a long time before this one.
- When i was thinking for a good name for this website, i looked at synonyms and words that will describe the site, i used name generators and thinking for days, and everything that looked ok was already taken, this one was the best sounding (and seo) one that was available.
- And it is a coincidence that the names are similar, they are generic names :)