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How to get notified about new Free Games

There are a lot of ways that you can get updated on the latest givaways

On Steam

- Join GrabFreeGames steam group, and look at the announcements.
- Subscribe to our Notification Thread (click subscribe on the right)
- Steam sometimes messes things up, and unsubscribes you, check that page once in a while to see if you are still subscribed


- Like GrabFreeGames facebook page
- If you want to get real notifications on facebook, or see our posts on top of your facebook feed, hover your mouse over the like button, and select "On" under "Notifications" / select "See First" under "In your news feed".


- Follow GrabFreeGames on twitter
- If you want to get real notifications on twitter (or twitter app), left from the Follow button, there is a small cogwheel, click it and then "Turn on mobile notifications"

SMS/Phone Notifications with twitter

- Once you select turn on mobile notifications on twitter, go to your twitter settings and add a phone number, that way twitter will send you tweets to your phone via sms

Google Plus

- Follow GrabFreeGames Google+ page (add to circle)

RSS Feed

- RSS is a technology that allows fast updates through an rss reader, and a link to our rss feed
- Almost any device that has access to the internet has a feature for a news/rss reader
- Just add this link to your news/rss reader:
and set the time how frequent do you want to get updated

Online RSS Readers

- Feedly
- PushBullet


- Just join GrabFreeGames Telegram Channel

Other Stuff

- Subscribe to GrabFreeGames Youtube Channel
- Follow GrabFreeGames Twitch Channel