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Terms of Service (TOS)

This will be updated as new features are added, so be sure to check ot this page once in a while

What does Terms of service even mean? So I (Igor) owner of this website ( need to write this text, that will explain what this site is all about, and what is it not about, how you should use it, what you should and not do, and what can happen and not happen, and that you are responsible for what you do, and how you use it.
Like that sign that you see in the supermarket that says wet floor (just in case somebody slips up breaks his asshole and sues the company).


This website (, in future text: website) is made and operated by an Individual ( me, Igor Miladinovic [ Igor Dot Ninja ], Igor in further text )
I (Igor) made and im maintaing the website in my own time.
If you find something that is not right on the website, that you feel is violating something feel free to contact me on GrabFreeGames[at]
I also need to say that im broke and not making money from the website at this point in time
However the website is generating some money (ad revenue), at this time not enough the cover the cost of running and maintaining the website (Hosting and Domain fees).

We are not responsible for stuff that may or may not happen when you are using the website

We are not responsible for any damages that may happen when you use the website.

Your are responsible for your own actions.

You and only you are responsible for any damages that may happen when using this website, following its tutorials or using any part of the website

Privacy Policy

What does this website save about you if you login? publicly available steam data (your steam id, and username handle)
You can read about that on the right side on steam, when you are logging in to this website
We Wont give, or sell your data!

Giveaways part of the website
Giveaways section on GrabFreeGames will post giveaways that we (myself and other moderators) find on the internet, and post them as tutorials for people to read and do in order to get the game.
The Website (GrabFreeGames), the moderators, or myself(Igor) are not responsible for any damages or benefits that you get by following our instructions(tutorials from the Giveaways section).
You are using this webiste on your own free will.
You, and you only, are responsible for any damages that may happen.