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Warframe Booster Free Other Game Booster

Giveaway by HumbleBundle. Giveaway hosted on Other.

How to grab this Game Booster for free:

Expired, Doesnt work any more, This text is just for reference.

Warframe is a f2p game, everyone can play it, activating this key gives you:

Foxglove Syandana cosmetic item
200,000 Credits (in-game currency)
3-Day Affinity + Resource Boosters

This is an IN GAME KEY (its activated on

- Go to the giveaway page:
- Register/login/verify your email
- Link your steam profile in the settings
- Go to the giveaway page again, scroll down pass the bundle prices. above Bonuses, there is a place to type in your email
- Type your email and click Submit
- You should get an email, click on that humblebundle link
- Key should be on that page
- Activate the key on this page:

Warframe (Other Game Booster)
This game has steam trading cards
Store Link Reviews: none


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