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Minion Masters Free Steam Game

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Minion Masters (Steam Game)
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How to grab this Game for free:

If you are level 2, just login and click get key

If you are not level 2, the easiest way to become level 2 is:
1. sign up through someones ref link (5 points)
- Ask some of your friends to give you their ref link
- If you want you can use my ref link[]
2. Set up an avatar in the settings (it takes some time for your avatar to be accepted, safe avatar, no nudity, they need to check each avatar)

That should give you level 2

To increase the level, or do it faster CLIPPO suggested to:
3. Leave comments on their news News[]
4. Upload screenshots, post videos or news, open threads, leave comments
5. Only post your content, and make sure its safe for kids (if they remove your stuff, you will lose points and lower the level)


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