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Silver Laiku Mount For Riders of Icarus Free Steam Game DLC

Giveaway by Alienware. Giveaway hosted on Alienware Arena.

Riders of Icarus (Steam Game DLC)
This game has steam trading cards
Store Link Reviews: Mixed (5,377 reviews)

How to grab this Game DLC for free:

- Go to alienware arena and login with your steam account (that will instantly give you level 2) the password is a bit complicated (you need to have at least 1 big letter 1 small letter and a number (example: Theater22)

- Go to the giveaway page

- Click Get Key and do the captcha.

- They will show you the key

- NOTE: This is a DLC, you need to activate the base game first

- Use this link to start the installation (store page is region locked, but this link is not)


- After you do that, the installation will start, you can stop the download and then activate the key.


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