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The Under and Solar Gun Free Steam Game

Giveaway by BrightLocker. Giveaway hosted on Other.

How to grab this Game for free:

Expired, Doesnt work any more, This text is just for reference.

This is a new site, when you register you get 50coins, which you can spend on the games. one of the games is locked at the moment, so you have to wait for it to unlock. Site is a little buggy (it keeps asking me to unlock stuff even if i unlocked them)

- Go to the giveaway site and make an account (verify your email) and login
- You will get 50points
- Go to the pages of the games (those are direct links to the rewards tab):
- (still locked)
- Under the bar on the left side, rewards tab it says Digital Copy of "GAME NAME"
- Click on the image of a chest with a lock on it
- The popup will appear saying that you want to unlock the item
- Click on the button and the cd key will appear
- If you lost the key, you can find it under your profile then rewards tab

SolarGun (Steam Game)
This game has steam trading cards
Store Link Reviews: Positive (41)


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