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Steam Grand Prix Level Up Free Steam Game

Giveaway by Steam. Giveaway hosted on Steam.

How to grab this Game for free:

Expired, Doesnt work any more, This text is just for reference.

Level up your Steam Profile for Free during the Steam Sale

* Step 1 (pick a team)
- Join the Races
- Pick a Team (corgi seems good)
- Click below on "Go Team YourPick"

* Step 2 (do the qualifier tasks) You cant proceed without them

- Play a New Game
Just pick some random f2p game with small size, Enter it and leave, List of the newest f2p games

- Review A Game
Click review next to some game you havent reviewed already, write a review and click submit

- Add 3 Items to your wishlist
List of top rated games, Just add 3 games to wishlist (drag the games you really want to the top 3 places)

- Watch a broadcast
Click on any broadcast from this link (image)

After you done the Qualifier Tasks (under Driver's Manual all should be checked)
You should have
0 Points Boosted / X Max Points (x represents the number of points you can have)

If you purchased stuff during the previous sales you should have more points, if you didnt, you should have 2100 points

* Step 3

Play some game with achievements (unlock achievements)
or play 30 minutes of some game you have already unlocked some achievements
Or you scroll down and play some games that have special tasks (csgo wins and stuff like that)

Im not sure how exactly this works, but i would stick with achievements

Team Fortress 2 is an f2p game that has a bunch of achievements
Zup S is a cheap game with a lot of achievements

That will fill up your Available Points

* Step 4
Use your Available Points (to boost)
Click on the GrandPrix (scroll down)
Click on Boost (red color)
Click Make a Pit Stop
(repeat the process for as many available points as you have)

You can gain 100 more for each day

* Step 5
Spend your Tokens
Depends what you want to do with your tokens
If you want to level up your steam profile (Grand Prix Badge)
Redeem Tokens for Grand Prix Badge


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