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Assassin's Creed III Free Uplay Game

Giveaway by Uplay. Giveaway hosted on Uplay.

Assassins Creed III (Uplay Game)
Store Link Reviews: none

How to grab this Game for free:

- This is for uplay not steam
- Ubisoft is giving games each month, so check monthly :)

UPLAY IS HAVING ISSUES (TOO MANY PEOPLE TRYING TO GET THE GAME) Dont worry, just be patient, you will grab it

- Go to the giveaway page:
- Check the Checkbox and click on the button
- Login with your uplay/ubisoft account
- That is it, game should be on your account
- Have Fun Playing the game

- Its easy to grab, and you need uplay to play most ubisoft games anyway.


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