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ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission - Free Playstation Game

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission - Free Playstation Game

Giveaway is for the Playstation, however you can grab the game even if you do not own a Playstation console
They are having a Play At Home campaign and they will offer more games for free in the future.
Some games may not be available for free in all regions so that's why its the best to go to the Playstation store link and claim the games from there

Playstation Store Link is Universal, go there and search for the game
- https://store.playstation.com/

How to Grab ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission for the Playstation For Free
- Find the game on the playstation store (don't forget to login)
- https://store.playstation.com/search/astro%20bot%20rescue%20mission
- Click on the Game
- Click on the Add To Library button
- The game will be added to your library

All the Playstation Games Given Away at the moment on the Playstation Store (link may not work in all regions)
- https://store.playstation.com/category/9779f12f-50c8-4c07-8d20-47e21293b6c6

Giveaway will last until the 22nd April