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DLCs For ETS2 (You need to own it) Free Steam Game DLC

Giveaway by Developer. Giveaway hosted on Developers Website.

Metallic Paint Jobs Pack (Steam Game DLC)
This game has steam trading cards
Store Link Reviews: Very Positive (147 reviews)

How to grab this Game DLC for free:

2 DLCs for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (you need to own the game to get the dlcs)

One is a paint job, the other one a trailer

Metalic Paint Jobs
- Go to
- Register, Login, confirm your email
- Link your game (from steam) login with steam
- Go into My Page then Events and you will find the dlc, just click it and the cd key will appear

Schwarzm├╝ller Trailer Pack giveaway
- Gleam giveaway, you also need to play the game for 50 hours (This is for hardcore ets2 players)
- Go to the giveaway page
- Complete the steps (visit on facebook and follow on twitter)
- The CD Key will appear

- Activate the cd key on steam and have fun


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