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Overcast Walden and the Werewolf Free Steam Game

Giveaway by HRK Game. Giveaway hosted on HRKGame.

Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf (Steam Game)
This game has steam trading cards
Store Link Reviews: Mixed (1,465 reviews)

How to grab this Game for free:

- Go to HRK's Website, register and login (verify your email)
- (note, their link is censored on steam, and they also block direct link sometimes)
- After you login, Click on the giveaway (in the menu on top)
- If it says that you need an account that has purchased something, try connecting your account to steam in the settings, and fill name and stuff on HRK
- if it says "Oops
At the moment, there are no available..." That means that your account already got that game before, or that you are blocked for some reason. your ip or something, try restarting the modem/router
- Complete all the steps (like their facebook page, follow twitter, join the steam group... you can skip the instagram)
- After you complete everything, you will get the game
- To see your key, click on my games (next to your name on top)
- This may require you to type in the code that they have sent to your email, just do that, and it will show you the list, then click on the game, and click Redeem on steam, that will show you the key.


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