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Planets Under Attack Free Steam Game

Giveaway by Giveaway hosted on

How to grab this Game for free:

Expired, Doesnt work any more, This text is just for reference.

NOTE: this site doesnt work if you have adblock enabled, however if you disable it it will show some pop ups. just disable it until you get the game (turn off the popups if they appear) (follow the tutorial)

There are Planets Under Attack and World War 3 - Black Gold Keys

- Go to the giveaway page:
- Login with Facebook (Just click it, click ok, and click it again if it doesnt log you in the first time)
- On top, Hover over your name and click Steam keys (or click on the link above)
- Click on The button udner the Planets under attack (idk how they check, but you need to like the facebook page)
- Click Get your steam key here
- Click on the the square with correct size and color (this step doesnt work if you have adblock on)

Dont forget to activate your adblock again If you are using it

If there are no keys left, just wait a little, they will restock

Planets Under Attack (Steam Game)
Store Link Reviews: Mixed (299)


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