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Glass Masquerade and Free Steam Game

Giveaway by HumbleBundle. Giveaway hosted on Indiegala.

How to grab this Game for free:

Expired, Doesnt work any more, This text is just for reference.

Glass Masquerade (after 3 stamps), (after 4 stamps), Murderous Pursuits (after 6 stamps)

- Go to the giveaway page (login)
- On the right side there is an orange icon and it says "Collect Your Summer Sale Rewards"
- Click there to get a Stamp (EVERY DAY)
- You need to visit that page above (each and every day, because its in your interest to collect the games when the new stamp becomes available 6pm CET)
- After you collect enough stamps go to the page at the bottom, and click CLAIM under it (supplies are limited for the second game)
- Day resets at 6PM CET (central european time)
- You can check your progress at this link

BIG NOTE: Visit Every Day, because the supplies are limited, the new days reset at 6PM Central European Time. i dont think anyone would be able to collect the last game (6stamps), because of the number of days available, unless you spend some cash on humblebundle store ...

Glass Masquerade (Steam Game)
This game has steam trading cards
Store Link Reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive (1,256)


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