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Free Steam Badge 100 XP Steam Awards Free Steam Game

Giveaway by Steam. Giveaway hosted on Steam.

How to grab this Game for free:

Expired, Doesnt work any more, This text is just for reference.

This is not a free game, its a badge to level up your steam profile :) its free

Autumn sale has started, that means people will nominate games for the 2018 steam game awards.

To get the badge you need to:

- Nominate at least 1 game
- Nominate a game in each category (8 total)
- Play a game you nominated
- Review or update your review of a game you nominated

Each is 25 XP Total 100 XP.

how to do it:
- Just go to the page and start nominating
- Do it for every category
- Nominate some game that you own and play, so that you can review it, it can be f2p
- for Game of the year, pick some game that is made in 2018, some people reported that if its not from 2018 it doesnt count for "Nominate in every category" task, maybe something from here:
- Link to see your badge and progress
- Also steam sale is on, :)

posted by Arnas on discord, marco helped me to get this together, have fun leveling up


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