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Giveaway by Developer. Giveaway hosted on Steam.

How to grab this Game for free:

There are a lot of hidden games on steam, they dont have a store page, the only way you can install them is using their link

These games will not give you XP or Add games to your profile, they are just an interesting Easter egg that you can mess around with :)

There are a lot of demo links that dont work here, so i excluded them.

Arma 2 Free

CodeName Gordon


BattleForge (This one was a demo, then they moved it to f2p, store page is not available)

Demo Games that are not demo games (they have a store page, they marked them as demos by mistake when putting the game up on steam)




- If i made a mistake, or missed some game, just leave a comment :) i will edit the post


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Sadist is a fag And thank you for the links